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Clavinova CLP-875

MSRP: Original price was: $5,499.00 – $6,199.00.Current price is: $4,999.99 – $5,599.99.

The CLP-875 offers the breathtaking sound of a grand piano in a gorgeous upright cabinet. Featuring GrandTouch Keyboard action with the longest key-to-fulcrum length in any digital piano, as well as the tones of two legendary grand pianos. From tone to touch, the CLP-875 delivers an immersive concert grand experience. See additional product details below.
Finishes: Matte Black, Rosewood, White Birch, Matte White, Polished Ebony



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The CLP-875 is beautifully crafted with a classic aesthetic while delivering a contemporary user experience. Its space-saving, taller acoustic cabinet design adds elegance to any space, while the easy-to-use LCD display ensures effortless navigation of onboard interface features.

The GrandTouch keyboard and finely tuned 3-way speakers with Bidirectional Horns and diffusers bring you the touch and feel of a real grand piano.

About the CLP-800 Series


The combination of the GrandTouch keyboard with wooden keys, GrandTouch pedal, and GP Response Damper delivers the extraordinarily lifelike feel of an acoustic grand. The GrandTouch keyboard’s escapement provides a satisfying bump or click when keys are pressed, a sensation unique to grand pianos, while the light-to-heavy weighted keys ensure precise playability.

Digital Never Felt So Grand

Enjoy immersive sound through a 3-way speaker system with diffuser technology. The binaurally sampled Bösendorfer and CFX Voices with Grand Expression Modeling, combined with Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM), delivers vivid and richly varied tones, capturing the countless nuances of a concert grand piano.

Smart Pianist App

Control every feature and setting of your instrument with Smart Pianist. This powerful app lets you manage everything right from your smart device. You can also learn to play hundreds of popular songs with its built-in lessons, or use its Sheet Music Reader to have the app play the notes of any downloaded PDF sheet music on your device.

Key Features

  • GrandTouch™ Keyboard – action features a broad dynamic range and faithful response to every nuance of touch that puts a wide expanse of tone, from delicate to bold, at the pianist’s fingertips. Featuring wooden keys and highly absorbent synthetic-ivory white and ebony black keys, prevent slipping even during extended play and feel just like those of a grand piano.
  • 88-key Linear Graded Hammers – the first digital piano keyboard ever to feature realistic weighting on every key. This results in a feel and response that is astonishingly like that of a grand piano, and allows players to gain an appreciation of a more authentic touch.
  • Escapement Mechanism of Clavinova Keyboards – reproduces the slight clicking sensation experienced when playing a grand piano when the keys are pressed gently. These keyboards have been adjusted to provide additional friction that balances key repetition and response without impeding performance.
  • GP Response Damper Pedal – feature a damper pedal that continually detects depression depth and allows halfpedaling, which lets players make minute adjustments to pedal depression and return, changing the depth and character of their piano sound.
  • Touch Sensor Control Panel – displays text when it is on — when the panel is off, it has the smooth finish of a keyblock.
  • Grand Expression Modeling – responds to the subtlest nuances of your touch, creating a limitless range of tonal expression of a grand piano. “Touch” refers to control, not only of intensity (softness/loudness) in playing, but also of the speed and depth with which the keys are pressed.
  • Yamaha CFX and Bösendorfer Imperial – piano samples bring two of the world’s finest and most prominent concert grand pianos to your fingertips.
  • Virtual Resonance Modeling (VRM) – creates a richly varied sound by simulating the complex sympathetic tones created when the vibrations of the strings are propagated to the soundboard and other strings, corresponding to the timing and intensity of key playing and pedaling.
  • Binaural Sampling – technology delivers a three-dimensional sound, which recreates the perspective of the player position through headphones.
  • Stereophonic Optimizer – replicates the natural diffusion of sound in headphones nearly as closely as binaural sampling for the piano voices other than the CFX and Imperial.
  • Period Instrument Voices – equipped with the voices of the fortepiano, the predecessor to the modern piano. Hearing the sounds of the instruments played when the likes of Mozart, Beethoven, and Chopin were composing their songs should illuminate the original intent behind the notes on the page.
  • Grand Acoustic Imaging – latest acoustic design and measuring technology create the same sound image and sound field of a grand piano despite the compact size of the digital piano. We optimally balanced and placed the bass, mid, and treble speakers to achieve the sound radiation and centroid characteristic of grand pianos so that each and every tone played through the speakers sounds like it was emitted from the proper place on an actual grand piano.
  • Rhythm Playback – comes complete with 20 different and simple rhythm patterns (drums and bass accompaniment) that are perfectly suited to many types of music.
  • Smart Pianist App – a dedicated app that adds a beautiful graphic interface and a variety of incredible features to your compatible Yamaha digital piano.
  • Multi-track Song Recorder – allows you to record up to 16 tracks, in MIDI format, for simultaneous playback with a single touch.
  • Connect Wirelessly for Bluetooth® Audio – play music through the audio system on the Clavinova by using a Bluetooth-enabled smart device. You can enjoy playing along with any songs on your smart device.


  • Real Grand Expression 2 (RGE2)
  • GrandTouch™ Keyboard with 88 Linear Graded Hammers
  • Binaural Sampling
  • Fortepiano Voices
  • Grand Acoustic Imaging / 3-Way Speakers
  • Grand Piano (GP) Response Damper Pedal
  • Touch Sensor Control Panel
  • Bluetooth Audio and MIDI

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