Your Piano Sounds Its Best with Regular Piano Tuning

Classic Pianos’ Denver tuning experts will protect your investment

Your piano needs to sound good and be enjoyable to play no matter if you’re a beginner or a professional musician. Regular tuning also protects your investment, as it’s easier and less expensive to keep a well-maintained piano sounding great.

Why Do Pianos Need to Be Tuned?

  • Humidity and Temperature:
    Wood, the primary material used to craft pianos, is susceptible to environmental changes. When temperatures and humidity rise in the summer, parts of a piano (like the soundboard, pin block, and bridge) naturally swell. This pulls the piano strings tight and causes the sound to go sharp. Conversely, cool, dry winter air makes wood contract. This loosens the strings and leads to a flat tone. If your climate experiences extreme fluctuations in temperature, position your piano away from exterior walls. Additionally, don’t place it near air vents, a stove, or a fireplace.
  • Moving:
    Pianos are extremely sensitive. Jostling and tilting can easily cause a piano to fall out of tune. A new environment can also create humidity and temperature issues.
  • Forceful Playing:
    Hard playing can stretch the strings of a piano if the force of the hammer action is forceful enough.
  • Age:
    Over time, materials inside a piano may grow worn or stiff, which affects its ability to stay in tune for long periods of time.

Recommendations for Piano Tuning Frequency

There are many fine piano technicians serving the greater Denver area and Classic Pianos maintains a close relationship with the best. Please fill out the form on this page or call us to see if we can recommend a tuner in your area: 303-777-2636.

Each piano brand will issue its own tuning recommendations. However, most experts believe that a new piano should be tuned frequently – three to four times – during the first year as it acclimates to your home. After one year, a piano should be tuned one to two times per year, although some owners prefer to tune their piano with each season.

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