Expert Piano Moving & Storage in the Denver Area and Beyond

Don’t risk instrument damage or personal injury — trust us to move the piano you treasure

Before purchasing a piano, people sometimes wonder how they’ll move such a valuable and cherished instrument. We can help you figure that out, no matter where you live or how many stairs it takes. We entrust our piano moving needs to Extreme Piano Moving. Licensed, insured, and with vast experience, they can take care of any type of piano move — even the most complex, complicated, or challenging.

Should I Consider Moving My Piano By Myself?

There are two important reasons to consider leaving piano moving to the professionals:

  • Personal Injury:
    Pianos are heavy, awkward instruments, weighing anywhere from a few hundred pounds to 1,000 pounds. Bottom line: You could really hurt yourself by being inadvertently careless or by not using the right tools to move your piano.
  • Piano Damage:
    A piano is a sophisticated instrument with delicate components that are costly to repair — not merely a piece of furniture to move. Professional movers know how to manipulate, disassemble, and reassemble a piano without damaging your new purchase — or your home.

Your piano is a long-term investment. It pays to hire experienced professionals who know what they’re doing.

What is the Cost To Move a Piano?

Many factors can affect the cost of moving a piano, including the:

  • Distance between locations;
  • Size and type of piano (for example, a grand or an upright piano);
  • Number of stairs to navigate (inside and outside of each location); and
  • Whether the movers will need to navigate narrow doorways or tight turns.

I Need Help Moving My Piano

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Piano Storage in Denver

We also provide safe piano storage options

We know your piano is important to you, so when you need to store it, you can trust Extreme Piano Moving, knowing your piano is in the hands of experts. Their storage facility is climate-controlled, clean, well lighted, and insured. Even better, Classic Pianos’ professional piano technicians are available to service and tune your piano before it is delivered back to you safely.

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