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Bob Baker

Director of Institutional Marketing / Sales Manager

Bob Baker has worked in the Denver piano market since 1977. For over 43 years, his name has been inexorably linked to the Denver music community. He founded the Yamaha Piano Competition in 1988 and the Steinway Concerto Competition with the Colorado Symphony in 1990. Bob was instrumental in providing pianos for the US International Duo Competition, Breckenridge and Colorado Suzuki Institute music festivals, Vail Jazz, Central City Opera, Inside the Orchestra, Colorado Federation, and National Piano Guild Auditions. His piano knowledge has come from invitations to visit factories around the world. Throughout his career, Baker built sales and customer loyalty through his association with Knight-Campbell Music, Vaughan’s Music, Wells Music, and Baker’s Piano Centers. Bob has maintained the number one sales position in every company he has worked for – with 2006 sales topping $4.1 million – establishing himself as “the best authority in searching for a piano or piano teacher.”

Forrest Mitchell


Before Forrest was even born, his family was already deeply entrenched in the music industry of the mountain West. Born along Utah’s Wasatch Front, his father was cutting his teeth in the music sales industry of the region, especially working with pianos and organs. Through the years, his family moved around the country as jobs changed within the industry, but one constant remained: A love of music. Forrest being the youngest of six children, the family would often find themselves gathered together singing around the piano, or their father with his saxophone, as often as occasion permitted. Forrest grew up primarily as a singer, performing with groups in such places as the White House, The United States Capitol Building, and New York City’s Veterans’ Day Parade. He also developed a love for old-time folk and bluegrass music, leading him to pick up his first instrument, Banjo. Forrest taught himself to play guitar, and just about anything else he could get his hands on. Eventually, what intrigued him most was the technical aspects of acoustic instruments. He attended training to become a guitar technician and build handmade acoustic guitars. He then worked as a guitar technician before following in his father’s footsteps and entering the piano industry. In April 2020, Forrest moved to Denver, CO, with his wife and their first child to begin working with the Classic Pianos team. Along with him came a lifetime of passion for music and fine musical instruments, as well as a desire to help each person find an instrument that will inspire them the same way he has been.

Amy Richards

Office Manager

Amy Richards is a native Oregonian, born and raised in Portland. Having a combined interest in the judicial system, and helping those caught up in it, Amy pursued an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice intending to become a probation officer. However, in 2012 after taking a part-time job at Classic Pianos in Portland, Amy discovered she loved being in the sometimes-quirky, creative, music world. Her personality was a perfect fit, and she was quickly promoted to a full-time position. In March 2015, Amy moved to Colorado to take over the role of Office Manager for the rapidly expanding Denver store of Classic Pianos. Between Amy’s new responsibilities, adapting to a new city, adjusting to Denver’s mile-high altitude, and keeping her cat “Guinness” under control, Amy is also learning to play the piano.

Joe Genova

Piano Pedagogy/Composition

Joe began his piano studies at the age of four and also mastered accordion, clarinet, saxophone, and a variety of other musical instruments as a young man. He has over 30 years of teaching experience and has worked as the Education Director for the Onofrio Piano Company since 1990. Joe is currently the in-house instructor for Classic Pianos of Denver. He welcomes all ages and playing levels and will design a learning curriculum in any style of music – Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, and other genres. ”My goal is to help students of every age and ability advance their understanding and love of music in a fun and positive environment,” he notes. As an Education Director for the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company, Joe assisted in creating many of the educational teaching materials used by the company. He was also a Musical Director for the Bonfils Theatrical Division-Denver Center of the Performing Arts, where he guided numerous professional theatrical productions. Genova has composed original theatrical and film scores and has worked in the recording and commercial industry. He is President of Salsa Central Denver, a non-profit organization with over 600 members, and also serves as a consultant for several other non-profit organizations.

Classic Pianos is Associated with Experienced Piano Tuners & Technicians

Michael Jackson

Michael had extensive apprenticeship training under Robert Herron, Steinway Technician for Sherman & Clay, Los Angeles. Further education and certification were at the CF Theodore Steinway Technical Academy, Steinway & Sons, New York, and at the Yamaha Performance Piano Training center in Los Angeles. Michael has performed work for Bravo Vail, Vail International Dance, Vail Jazz, King Center of Denver, Lone Tree Performing Arts Center, Metro State College, Regis University, among many others. He has served as Concert Technician for the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, Los Angeles Mozart Orchestra, and Piano Technician for numerous performing artists. Partial list includes Elton John, Jeffrey Kahane, Norman Krieger, Jean-Ives Thibodet, John Perry, Gloria Chang, Danny Pollick, and many more. Before moving to the Denver area, Michael performed prep work and concert set up services for several Los Angeles piano stores, including Sherman & Clay, Colton Piano, and Fields Pianos. Classic Pianos is proud to work with Michael, and other experienced tuners and technicians introduced on this Web page, as part of our “extended staff” and family.

University and Etown Hall. His work and association with Classic Pianos, Denver, has enriched and expanded his profession.

Mike Routh

A Registered Piano Technician with the National Piano Technicians Guild, Mike has been tuning professionally in Missouri and Colorado since 1981. In February of 2014, he was invited to attend the prestigious Yamaha Performance Piano Training Program and now acts as an authorized Yamaha Artist Tuner / Technician. This distinction allows Mike the privilege of maintaining Yamaha’s CFX Concert Grand for the State of Colorado. Mike has performed work for many concert venues, churches, schools, piano teachers, and private clients. Partial list includes Red Rocks Amphitheater, Denver Center for the Performing Arts, and Jefferson County Schools. Music has been a big part of Mike’s life. He played in bands throughout high school and studied classical guitar while in college — still playing and studying guitar today. Mike’s son, Daniel, shares his dad’s passion for music and graduated recently from the University of North Texas with a degree in composition.

Martin J Sweeney

Marty Sweeney has been a professional full-time piano tuner since 1978, having enjoyed such discerning clients as The Arvada Center, Swallow Hill, The Fillmore, Red Rocks Amphitheater, Alicia Keys, Mary Chapin Carpenter, k.d.lang, Karla Bonoff, John Tesh, and many more. His loyal clients also include churches, schools, piano teachers, piano dealers, and many satisfied private piano owners in Colorado.

As a native of Colorado, Marty knows the pianos in the area and what they need in this variable climate. In addition to tuning upright pianos and grand pianos, Marty also has experience tuning older air-pump based player pianos and is a certified Yamaha Disklavier technician. His extensive experience, honest, reliable service and competitive prices have made Marty for piano owners in Colorado. With his contagious passion and enthusiasm for this beautiful instrument, Marty Sweeney is a joy to work with.

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