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Benefits of Playing


Learning to Play the Piano Has Benefits at Any Age

Music has the power to lift the spirit, enhance concentration and improve language skills

If you’re considering a piano purchase, you’re probably already a music lover! You enjoy listening to beautiful music, and you want your family to play beautiful music, too. Music, with its powerful hold over our emotions, can bring us joy and move us to tears. The benefits of playing the piano go far beyond the enjoyment of creating music, though. Playing music has numerous benefits for children and adults alike.


Increases Brain Function

Music uses and stimulates every area of the brain

Students — both children and adults — who receive music lessons have been shown to raise their IQ and test scores. In adults, playing music also increases neural connections in the brain, increasing overall brain function.

Cultivates Self-Esteem and Social Opportunities

Students who are accustomed to playing piano in front of others generally develop increased social confidence

Plus, knowing how to read music lets students share in other social opportunities like bands or music groups. For older adults, music is a great way to combat loneliness and increase happiness by finding new friends with this shared interest.

Improves Concentration

Playing piano is a brain workout

Children who play an instrument generally spend 20-30 minutes each day, and this practice not only enhances their ability to concentrate, but it transfers to other areas of their education and lives as well. Even adults experience improved concentration, as playing the piano is a terrific brain “workout” that helps us concentrate and focus.


Improves Mental Health

Music has the power to reduce negative emotions

Music has been shown to reduce stress, depression, and anxiety while providing an effective way to process emotions.


Improves Abstract Reasoning

Music is linked to analytical improvement

The mathematical structure and scientific patterns of sound that are found in music can trigger growth in the brain and help students be more successful in math and science classes.

Enhances Speech and Language Skills

Reading music can boost language development

Studies show that piano lessons can boost early language development and improve reading skills. Scientists also believe that music can help children with dyslexia improve their ability to learn and process speech.


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