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Yamaha Grand Piano CFX Image

Today's Yamaha Pianos — Over 120 Years of Evolution & Excellence

Great piano design is like great music; each generation discovers new insights and new avenues to artistry.

Many don’t realize that Yamaha has been making pianos for over 120 years. This journey began with organs and pianos, and pianos remain the defining vision of the company today. Many recognize Yamaha for their reputation for excellence and extraordinary craftsmanship. Yet, this company never rests on its past achievements. They are dedicated to building the finest concert pianos in the world.

While Yamaha’s commitment to quality is well-documented, they continue to evolve with a passionate dedication to creating pianos of even greater beauty and musical expression. Today’s Yamaha pianos represent the pinnacle of their vision, crafting instruments superior in tone, structure, seasoning, and longevity.


In their early years, Yamaha designed their pianos to have a clear tone, which many thought was well-suited for jazz and pop but not always for classical music. That said, artists of all genres, including classical pianists, have consistently praised Yamaha for its exceptionally precise and intuitive touch. Today, however, Yamaha’s premium-grade grand pianos are meeting and exceeding the demands of pianists at every level, even the world’s most discriminating concert pianists. After decades of research and development, Yamaha redesigned their soundboards, using slow-grown top-grade spruce, to maximize vibration. This — along with their redesigned bridges, redesigned cast-iron plates, and changes in hammer density — all create the ultimate transference of vibration into complex resonance, resulting in pianos with a lush spectrum of tonal colors, astounding bloom, longer sustain, and rich harmonics.


Yamaha has always incorporated top-rated materials in their pianos and is legendary for their attention to detail in construction methods and quality control. Continuing this dedication to the ultimate in piano making, Yamaha has succeeded in outdoing itself. Through the use of innovative upgrades such as redesigned cast-iron plates, responsible for sustaining the massive tension of the piano strings, enhanced back post on U series and larger uprights, and thicker beams on many grand models, Yamaha pianos are made to last a lifetime.


Adding longevity to the manufacturing equation, Yamaha now “seasons their pianos for destination” through three different manufacturing processes in the factory, referred to as “wet,” “dry,” and “super dry.” These categories correspond to the average indoor climate of homes in countries where the pianos are being shipped. This process is especially relevant when a buyer is comparing a new Yamaha piano to a used Yamaha “grey-market” piano, which may not have been seasoned for its destination and is therefore susceptible to stability and material-integrity issues.


Not only do redesigned cast-iron plates, thicker and improved back post, and grand beams enhance and elevate the sound of the piano, but they also ensure its longevity. With these upgraded designs, flawless parts, and materials, today’s Yamaha pianos, if adequately maintained, have a lifespan longer than their predecessors.

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