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Bösendorfer “Baroque” Special Edition Grand w Disklavier Enspire Pro

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Type: Grand, Hybrid, Player

Size: 6' 1"

Year: 2024

Finish: Gilded Baroque Ivory Satin

Serial No.: 52779

Series: Bösendorfer Special Edition

Quite simply, Bösendorfer is an icon in the musical world.  Known for meticulous, uncompromising master craftsmanship since 1828, a Bösendorfer piano is a thing of beauty and function – elegant, artistic, and a joy to play.


Still made in very small quantities in its original home city of Vienna, Austria, every piano has a fit and finish unlike any other manufacturer.  You will understand that when you sit in front of one for the first time.


At 6’ 1” the model 185VC is intended for use in upper echelon music institutions, churches, teaching and recording studios, and often finds its way into the homes of serious pianists who demand the best.


This piano incorporates the latest VC (Vienna Concert) technology recently developed by Bösendorfer to increase power, sound projection, and widen its palette of tonal colors.  They have somehow managed to increase an already huge dynamic range as well.


However, our piano was not intended for use in an institution.  Rather, it is from Bösendorfer’s rarefied ‘Special Edition’ collection – a small, curated selection of art case, designer, and authentic period cabinets that set these instruments apart from their traditional peers.


Harkening back to the fruitful period of Bach and Handel, our “Baroque” Bösendorfer reflects the exuberant, flowing, colorful, and highly intricate ornamental elements of music, art, and architecture that exploded throughout Europe in the 17th and 18th centuries.


Web photos cannot convey the true beauty of this exquisite craftsmanship.  It is stunning when beheld in person.  Thousands of artisan hours were needed to produce this opulent work of art.


And if this weren’t enough, our “Baroque” houses Yamaha’s state-of-the-art Disklavier Enspire Pro player / reproducing system.  Whether you’re a pianist or not, the Disklavier brings any piano to life in ways beyond conventional playing — from recording, to live streaming Disklavier Radio & TV, and even allowing you to play silently with total privacy.


This is a dream piano for anyone who has ever desired to own a Bösendorfer Special Edition period instrument.


Please contact the store for details and pricing.


  • Rare “Baroque” Special Edition
  • Stunning, authentic period cabinet in satin ivory
  • Individually carved legs, lyre, and under lid moldings
  • Intricate gold gilding throughout
  • Handcrafted in Vienna, Austria
  • Superb performance-level piano
  • Individually tied strings
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Incredible tonal palette and dynamic range
  • Disklavier Enspire Pro player/reproducing system
  • Heavy-duty adjustable concert artist bench with matching ornamentation
  • 10-year factory warranty on acoustic piano
  • 5-year factory warranty on Disklavier system
  • 70% Lifetime Full Trad guarantee for player pianos
  • 1 free in-home tuning after delivery





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