(*SOLD*) Kimball La Petite - 4' 6" (1983)

Manufacturer: (*SOLD*) Kimball
Model: La Petite - 4' 6"
Finish: Walnut
Year: 1983
Serial Number: #D72846
Description: The Kimball "La Petite" -- they don't get any smaller than this.
- At only 4 feet 6 inches, this was the smallest baby grand produced in the USA.
- Certainly not a performance piano but iconic in its own way for size and character.
- Kept in mint condition by one local owner.
- A great showpiece for a small space.
- Good for a casual player.
- Includes original matching bench.
- 3 year warranty.
- Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee.
- 1 free in-home tuning after delivery.
Price: $3,250