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Music Merchandise Review “2012 Piano Line of the Year”

Hailun Pianos of China
“The genius behind them is also American, Austrian, French — it’s the best ideas come together.”

Mr. and Mrs. Hailun Chen, owners and founders of Hailun Piano Company, both graduated from the Piano Technology School of Beijing. Their shared “quest for quality” set them upon a path of international research and design cooperation to build an award winning piano brand that is now being heralded around the globe for its quality, price, and value.

International Designers - the Best Ideas Come Together

American piano designer George F. Emerson, with 32 years of experience as a designer for Baldwin Piano and Organ Company and Mason & Hamlin, was named Chief Scale Designer and Lead Engineer for Hailun Pianos. In 2008, Emerson was awarded the China Friendship Gold Medal, China’s highest honor to foreign experts for helping advance the development of Chinese society, economy, technology, science, and education. Emerson was one of only 50 foreigners out of 485,000 foreign experts in China to receive this award

Austrian designers Sibin Zlakovic and Peter Veletzky bring considerable depth and European influence to the genius behind Hailun. Zlakovic worked at the famous Viennese firm of Bösendorfer and has over 20 years of experience specializing in tuning, voicing, and maintenance of sound quality. Zlakovic is responsible for the tuning of Hailun pianos and also manages the training program required of other tuners at Hailun. Peter Veletzky was born into the 4th generation of Wendl & Lung owners. From childhood, he worked in the family-owned piano company and, at age 22, became Austria’s youngest piano master builder. He took over the family-owned company in 1994. Veletzky is driven by his passion to construct only newly designed piano models. His enormous general knowledge and experience has come about through his detailed study of the construction and building of various worldwide piano brands. In 2003 he was sworn in as “...a legal piano expert for the Republic of Austria.”

French scale designer Stephen Paulello has won international piano competitions as a concert and recording pianist, and teaches piano and chamber music at the university level. He completed his technical education with the C. Bechstein and Steinway & Sons piano companies. Following his employment as concert services manager for C. Bechstein in Paris, he spent time in Germany to develop his piano building ability. “I wanted to do something different, something new, to develop as an alternative for pianists.” Stephen Paulello’s patents and grand piano designs have won numerous awards, including awards from the French Ministry for Culture. In addition to designing pianos for the renowned French “Maison Pleyel” and under his own name, he has created pianos with Hailun of uncompromising quality.

Classic Pianos of Denver proudly showcases Hailun Pianos and invites your personal tryout and critique of these amazing instruments.