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Avant Grand

21st Century “Hybrid” Piano

Forget any pre-conceived ideas about so-called "digital pianos" that you might have.

Classic Pianos invites you to view this video presentation of the revolutionary Avant Grand "Hybrid" piano by Yamaha. We thought you might enjoy hearing how some concert-level pianists feel about this new instrument.

The Avant Grand is shockingly different, and is garnering international acclaim from even the most ardent critics of non-acoustic instruments.

Please visit our showroom to play and evaluate the AvantGrand for yourself.

"No doubt, the Avant Grand is perfect for the pianist who needs a compact grand for a relatively compact price. It has a very responsive touch, closest to the real thing I have found thus far. It also has quite a good internal speaker system that sounds quite authentic. It's a perfect fit for tighter practice rooms or smaller apartments. Midnight hammering at the keys, as in trying to keep it down while trying to compose your opus, is not such a problem, leastways as far as the instrument is concerned."
-Gino Vannelli

What happens when you compare Yamaha's Avant Grand, the amazing new hybrid piano side-by-side with the history rich Yamaha C7 acoustic grand?

Watch these videos filmed at The Village, LA's famed recording studio.

Normally, we wouldn't write much about such a new instrument—but much has been written by others. This new hybrid digital piano appeals to both serious pianists and technology mavens. The AvantGrand is causing quite a stir. Read what Popular Science and CNET have to say...

“Yamaha's Digital Grand Piano: Everything New is Old Again.”Popular Science
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From Steve Guttenberg's Audiophiliac blog

Yamaha Music Europe shares videos from Artur Pizarro and Murray McLachlan discussing the firm's new AvantGrand, N1