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Comments Reprinted by Permission

The old Axiom that "self praise is no recommendation" holds true. That's why we at Classic Pianos prefer to pass along comments that others have written about us, instead of writing about ourselves.

“Brian was extremely helpful. He was very knowledgeable about all of the pianos, able to answer all of my questions, and incredibly patient while I sampled a large assortment of pianos in the showroom. The rest of the staff was fantastically friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend these guys for anyone looking to make the right choice and have a great purchasing experience.”Mark Hinaman
“We went into upgrade out Essex Upright for a Grand Piano and was pleased to find Bob, whom we know who knows pianos. After speaking and really looking at some of the options, we settled on a Kawai RX3BLK 6'1" which was a store transfer. We loved the sound and action on the piano which was very similar to the Yamaha C3 a much better price range. Thanks for the ease of buying experience!!”James Suh
“What a pleasure to have Bob Baker with his vast knowledge and experience in pianos assisting my wife and I who are both music teachers in choosing our wonderful new Yamaha Hybrid piano! Chris spent a great deal of time showing us the hi-tech applications available to sync with the piano for use in our studio. The entire staff was friendly and helpful. We were able to play and compare a wide variety of pianos in the store and had all of our questions answered. We would recommend Classic Pianos to anyone who is looking for a fine keyboard instrument for their home and family.”William Hamaker
“I am thrilled with our purchase of a Yamaha Clavinova from Classic Pianos of Denver for my 8 year old. Bob Baker was extremely pleasant and helpful through the sales process and what I liked most about him was that he is a musician first and a knowledgeable sales person next. There was absolutely no pressure to buy, he wanted to make sure that we would buy the right piano for our needs rather than the most expensive one. Classic Pianos has a fantastic selection of Pianos in every price range and is the oldest and best Yamaha dealer in town. If you wanted to buy a Yamaha , Classic Pianos is the place to go. They also have a fantastic trade up policy which i may or may not use but its nice to know that they stand behind every sale. I am looking forward to many years of muscial enjoyment with our new Yamaha Clavinova, and very happy with the purchase.”Prashant Khanolkar
“Our church has purchased two pianos from Classic Pianos. Both instruments (one grand, one digital) are excellent. We were provided with excellent service by the sales and customer service staff. A minor glitch was that the wrong digital piano dolly was delivered, but that is being corrected promptly. Overall, we are very well pleased.”Charlie Boyer
“Shopping for a new piano at Classic Pianos [in the Onofrio Building] was a very easy and enjoyable experience. Chris Ranney helped me select a piano that was right for my needs and spent a lot of time demoing the features of the Clavinova I purchased as well as other Acoustic/Digital hybrids should I choose to upgrade in the future. He was very knowledgeable on all the products and gave me a lot of good info. I would definitely recommend Classic Pianos, as the whole process was quick and fun.”Andrew Lake
“Staff was amazing and very helpful. They sold based on our needs not on what they wanted to sell. Great selection and the annual sale was well worth it. Love their trade in policy.”Christopher Kleen
“Our experience in buying our new piano at Classic Pianos of Denver was first rate.Our salesperson was knowledgable, friendly, helpful, and aware of our budgetand the variety of pianos available within that price range. I am completely satisfiedwith our experience and with my beautiful new piano!Susan & Kaytee Long”Kaytee Long
“Although I've played piano for over 45 years, I had never shopped for a new piano! Was nervous and not really sure exactly what I was looking for. Chris was so patient and kind and directed us eventually to a digital piano that I fell in love with! So excited about this purchase and am love, love, loving it! Thanks for all your help and for making us feel special. Would recommend Classic Pianos to anyone, no matter what level.”Kim Bolton
“We could not have had a more pleasant experience, from reception by Denae to the patient and knowledgeable guidance by Chris. We were shown a wide array of choices, and our purchase was handled quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend Classic Pianos Denver.”John and Brenda Davis
“My husband and I were recently searching for a new piano. How fortunate we were to stop in at Classic Pianos. We were impressed with the knowledge the general manager, Don West, had about pianos including: construction, manufacture, and history. Don is passionate about pianos and makes sure that he finds the right piano for his customer. Don took the time to ask us questions about our musical ability and what we were looking for in a piano. He showed us around his showroom telling us about each piano and guided us to the one he thought would best fit our needs. Don played several pianos for us to show us how the different pianos sounded. He showed us that there is a huge difference in the sound of different sizes and manufacturers of pianos. Listening to him play was a treat as he is a concert pianist. We chose a beautiful Yamaha piano and cannot wait to have it delivered. We highly recommend Don West and Classic Pianos.”Ruth Ann Kiel
“We visited the store to browse for a piano that our family was hoping would be in our future. Don asked us how he could help, and spend quite a while explaining the unique nature of each piano we were considering. He was informative and his talents on the piano were impressive! We were excited to come across the Yamaha Hybrid Nu1, which has all the features that are perfect for our family. After a week passed, we called in the order for this piano, and it was delivered to us within a week. The movers also took away our old piano at no extra charge. We are very pleased with our experience with Classic Pianos and our purchase!”Dana Howell
“We have been very well pleased with our experience at Classic Pianos! And imagine our good fortune, to find a mint condition, used Estonia! Don and Sweetwater were very professional, courteous, detail oriented and helpful every step of the way. Not only did we receive quite the education on pianos in general, we also learned so much about Estonia [pianos]. From the moment we walked in, until post delivery, we have been most happy about our purchase.”Glynda Rupp
“Don was a very attentive sales person who provided the basic education needed to make a major purchase. He went out of his way to provide the opportunity to compare pianos side by side. Using my feedback as to what I liked about particular pianos, he had 2 of the favorites tuned for me. Everyone in the store was friendly, and patient. Since the purchase, Don has been available for questions and responded to all needs. This was a very pleasant experience.”Irene Frederick
“This is the first time I have purchased a piano, and when I explained this to Chris Ranney, he was extremely helpful and patient. He showed me the different piano brands, and he played them so that I could hear the differences. I was also given free reign to play for an unlimited time to determine which piano best suited me. In the end, I was very happy with both the service and the piano I chose (a new Hailun Grand).”Martha H.
“We purchased a Yamaha DU1E3 and could not be happier. The buying experience through delivery and setup has been fantastic. .Extreme Piano Moving delivered over 90 miles from the Classic Pianos (Onofrio Building) store in Denver and made certain that everything was connected and working before they left. Since this piano has Disklavier built in there were various things that had to be setup correctly to make it work. Chris Ranney made certain that we had everything we needed including a wireless bridge. All of the cables were pre-installed after we discussed just how we wanted to have things setup one phone call with Chris was all it took to get a few things understandable - much easier than the over 100 page Yamaha manual! Besides being a great acoustic piano this has all sorts of terrific features that we are enjoying. We would absolutely purchase from Classic Pianos without question.”Colo Flyer
“We bought a new 5' Cable Nelson (Yamaha) grand piano from Classic Pianos at the end of June. We had spent many weeks researching options for private sellers on Craigslist, other stores, and other independent dealers and weren't having a lot of luck. Many of the pianos were in bad shape, the owner/dealer didn't know what they were selling, or they were far away and the moving charges were exorbitant. It was pretty clear, once we stopped in, that Classic Pianos was the right place to buy a piano. We made several trips to see the pianos and worked with Chris Ranney. He was friendly and patient (countenancing our little kids while we discussed) and took the time to understand our needs. There was no pressure. We had moderately clear idea that we wanted a small grand that we could grow into as we returned to playing and also something that looked good in the perfect spot in our new house. We initially looked at used pianos from Classic's inventory and, although the selection was not large, all of the options were high-quality, well taken care of, and included in their buy back policy (if you decide to upgrade, they will give you the purchase value as trade-in on your previous piano). But after listening to our needs, Chris also suggested we look at new pianos and pointed us to a model that was going to be discontinued, and thus a good value. It was delivered exactly when promised by professional movers and set up exactly as we wanted. We have already enjoyed having music back in the house (we are playing more songs from "Frozen" and Bob Marley than Beethoven and Schubert, but that's having little girls) and happy with our purchase. I typically don't rate 5 stars but it was such a good buying experience for such a large purchase that I'm comfortable that others will have good luck with Classic Pianos, as well.”Augustus S. Moore