(*SOLD*) Yamaha C7D Semi-Concert Grand 7' 4" (1979)

Manufacturer: (*SOLD*) Yamaha
Model: C7D Semi-Concert Grand 7' 4"
Finish: Polished Ebony
Year: 1979
Serial Number: #2832958
Description: The Yamaha C7 is one of the most recorded pianos in the world; loved by recording studios, performance venues, institutions, and teachers.
- This piano is 7' 4" which is one size below the typical 9' concert grand.
- The long strings and large soundboard produce a very rich, sonorous tone, especially in the bass and cello region.
- Owned and maintained by a local piano teacher.
-Each white key top is made of (still flawless) one-piece ivory providing a luxurious feel under the fingers.
- The cabinet has some wear but, as one would expect, the piano plays well.
- If you have the space, this would be an opportunity to own a famous performance-level instrument at a fraction of its current new price (MSRP: $82,999.00).
- Includes matching bench.
- 2 year warranty.
- Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee.
- 1 free in-home tuning after delivery.
Price: $12,988