(*SOLD*) Baldwin Acrosonic 2090 Designer Console 43.5" (1998)

Manufacturer: (*SOLD*) Baldwin Acrosonic
Model: 2090 Designer Console 43.5"
Finish: Mahogany
Year: 1998
Serial Number: #1555694
Description: Baldwin's Acrosonic console pianos were the top of the line during this period.
- In addition to being a very well made piano, the cabinets were beautiful.
- The model 2090 has elegant round, fluted legs, a grand-style lid opening, and a highly styled carved music desk.
- It sounds much bigger than a typical console piano.
- Perfect for a serious beginner to intermediate pianist or as an upgrade from a digital or spinet piano action.
- Maintained in mint condition by one local owner.
- Includes original matching bench.
- 5 year warranty.
- Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee.
- 1 free in-home tuning after delivery. *SALE PRICE*
Price: $2,990