Essex EGP-155 Baby Grand 5' 1" (2015)

Manufacturer: Essex
Model: EGP-155 Baby Grand 5' 1"
Finish: Sapele Mahogany Satin
Year: 2015
Serial Number: #E148677C
Description: Designed by Steinway, built by Pearl River in China -- now the largest piano manufacturer in the world.
- The Essex line gives Steinway dealers something they can have in their showrooms to compete with other lower priced Asian builders yet it's unique because of the design.
- The cabinet is a very warm Sapele Mahogany veneer with a satin finish.
- Maintained in like-new, mint condition by one owner.
- Being only two years old, there is barely any wear on the action.
- An excellent instrument for a serious beginner to intermediate pianist or as a major upgrade from a digital or vertical piano action.
- Includes original matching padded bench.
- 5 year warranty.
- Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee.
- 1 free in-home tuning after delivery.
Price: $9,988