(*SOLD*) Steinway & Sons Model B Artist Grand 6' 10.5" (1925)

Manufacturer: (*SOLD*) Steinway & Sons
Model: Model B Artist Grand 6' 10.5"
Finish: Polished Ebony
Year: 1925
Serial Number: #238317
Description: Steinway's Model "B" is their most successful and best selling model.
- Large enough for a music venue but still able to fit into a living room or studio.
- Built in 1925, during what many consider the "Golden Era" of American piano manufacturing.
- In 1999 the previous owner had the piano rebuilt: new pinblock, all new strings, refinished cabinet and soundboard, re-gilded plate, and had Renner hammers and dampers installed (similar to the Hamburg Steinways).
- Some rare and desirable aspects of this piano: Original ebony sharps and ivory key tops along with its hard-to-find original bench.
- A Beautiful instrument for a serious pianist or lover of vintage Steinways.
- 3 year warranty.
- Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee.
- 1 free in-home tuning after delivery.
Price: $27,500