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(*SOLD*) Young Chang Y-150 Baby Grand 4' 11" (2013)

Manufacturer: (*SOLD*) Young Chang
Model: Y-150 Baby Grand 4' 11"
Finish: Polished White
Year: 2013
Serial Number: #HG0110121
Description: We get requests for white baby grands but rarely have one available, let alone a slightly used one!
- The original owner purchased this new from us.
- Selling because he's moving out of state and doesn't have room in his new location.
- An excellent player, he maintained this in like-new condition.
- Wonderful instrument for a pianist wanting to upgrade from a digital or vertical action -- and it's white!
- Includes matching adjustable artist bench.
- 5 year warranty.
- Lifetime Full Trade Guarantee.
- 1 free in-home tuning after delivery.
Price: $5,880